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Hello all,

This blog, sometimes ‘vlog’ (I don’t much like the term “blog” for some reason; there is something inelegant about the term) will be an occasional event; thoughts from a “two suitcases and a MBA” lifestyle.

I will write on things to do with technology, with advances in Stretch Therapy, ideas about the Monkey Gym and anything else that I am thinking about that, I hope, might be interesting to you.

Please visit the Stretch Therapy Forums, too: anything you post there can be discussed by any of the members—and if you have a question, much more likely to be answered quickly there.

At this point, the vlog is ‘in development’; there is much to learn with a new complex software, and I want to change the banner image regularly—this lovely image is courtesy of WordPress.

As well, don’t ignore the main site; Olivia is updating this constantly. We are building a new one too, with many practical improvements, including an on-line registration system. Enjoy, and email me with suggestions for anything you’d like to see here.