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Apologies to George Gurjieff and his wonderful book of the same name, but this week I met a truly remarkable man myself, Dr Jeffrey Maitland. As well as that somewhat older site, he runs the thoroughly modern Mind, Body, Zen site, too.

In addition to being an ex-professor of philosophy (his thesis concerned the great Immanuel Kant), he was a phenomenologist when that term usually brought the user into philosophical disfavour, he left academia after qualifying as a Rolfer (after Dr Ida Rolf) ; he is now one of the most highly qualified practitioners of this somewhat secretive art/body work form.

But for me personally, it is Jeffrey’s long schooling in Zen, one of the sects of Buddhism available in the world today, that is most compelling. Two of my other influential teachers, Lawrence Graziose and Patrick Kearney have followed similar paths; it has been the enduring element of my own journey (which reminds me of the title of Andy Warhol’s best-know book, From A to B, and back again!), too.

The confluence of rigorous training in all three disciplines has give Jeffrey a remarkable platform from which to orient in daily life. He has a huge heart, mordant wit, remarkable intellect and a knowing/understand of breathtaking width—and depth. I am very grateful to have met him, and to have had the privilege of being worked on by him. Thank you.