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Why not? Both are surfactants, after all. I bought the one that is cleaning my clothes as we speak from a store that was liquidating; it seemed fitting. And it is made by Organic and Nature, and does not contain the usual list of baddies (phosphates, nitrates, NTA sulfates, nor anything caustic)—and it’s ‘grapefruit’: clearly hitting home runs, here.

Will it clean my clothes? We will know by the end of this post. Why am I not using laundry detergent, you might ask? In pursuit of refining the ‘two suitcases and a MBA’ way of life: if I am moving every few weeks, and I wash clothes once a week, then I will be buying, and leaving, laundry detergent at each location; hardly sound, ecologically. And if you have looked recently, you just cannot buy small containers of detergent (and powders often don’t dissolve; nasty result). The water is very hard here, too, and that means powders are less likely to dissolve completely. No, liquids are the way to go.

I have noticed a large number of businesses are liquidating, have been liquidated, or have come to an end in any case.  Around here where I am staying in Scottsdale, AZ, every precinct (a term I am appropriating to mean the massive—I mean massive—allotments where shops and stores are found; easy to wear yourself out walking across one, say when looking for a cash machine) has ~10% of its spaces for lease. And a quick perusal of the new releases at my favourite bookstore, Barnes & Noble, reveals ~40 titles purporting to address America’s parlous state. Bankers are identified as the bad guys in a high proportion of them; here’s a couple of images to show you want I mean: 

if any of you are really interested in why this state has come to pass, you cannot do better IMHO than Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s excellent The Black Swan: he details the epistemic and psychological blindness homo sapiens has to the consideration of rare, but potentially highly destructive (or beneficial) future events. And (you have to love this) he names the names of all the major players implicated in the two recent catastrophic GFCs (1987, and the recent one), neither of which was predicted by any of the high-profile pundits. Teleb did, both times, and made a fortune from them. I note in passing that not a single individual responsible for these crises has been charged with any crime (let alone jailed); in fact many have been highly rewarded with ‘golden parachutes’ and at least two of them are presently engaged in advising the Federal Government on how to avoid a future occurrence… I will not dwell on the spectacle of the ‘world’s greatest capitalist system’ bailing out the banks responsible for this mess; unseemly just does not go far enough. One more, this time from the “business” section: 

Anyhow, that’s the context of all the empty spaces for rent here. I will rescue the washing, and answer the opening question, in just a moment.

The answer is: perfectly. And there’s the faintest hint of grapefruit—or is that wishful thinking?