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I sold my little Olympus XZ-1 to the guy I bought the GH-2 from, and I have not received the lens for it that Miss O sent from the lens store at home. So, sadly, no images and no video for now. When that lens does arrive, I want to show you my view of the town I am working in, and where I have been for the last ten days of so.

Chattanooga is a truly lovely town: mountainous topography; the large Tennessee River bisecting it; many clusters of interesting areas—what a contrast to Phoenix; not to mention more temperate, temperature-wise. I could live here, easily.

If you have not checked out the Stretch Therapy Forums, have a look some time; these will be found here. If what you see there looks interesting, by all means become a member, and post. All you need is a real email address—not a huge impost, we feel. later today I will post the details of a workout I had today; half outdoors (trying to change the winter pallor) and a few holds on the rings.

I will return to this later.

Now is later! I write to you from Charlottesville, the day before I leave for PMA, held this year in Desert Springs (phew: redolent of Phoenix). I realise that I do have some images of Chattanooga (well, a small, very important part of this lovely town); namely Sydney Craig’s lovely studio! See here:

This gives details of the construction methods Matthew (Sydney’s husband) used; we modified it together later, to raise the main suspension bar as high as possible. This construction shows how a Monkey Gym can live in the same space as another ‘separate’ business without either being compromised. More later.