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While I am not drinking alcohol myself presently, today I want to share with you the efforts of a friend of mine. Kim is our family’s wine connoisseur, and a good writer, and he has put together a site which I think is brilliant. It is called best wines under $20.com. The name says it all.

This man selflessly goes out and buys (with his own money!) all the different wines today that one can find, at the price points that he deals with: $10, $15, $20 and $25. The larger point here is that in these price ranges, the actual cost is no guide to the potential quality at all. How many reading this have paid $20 for a white wine and found the quality indifferent? I know I have, many times. This is particularly galling when one is buying a present for a friend, or a dinner out. Your worries are over!

As an aside, I have known Kim for many years: when he says he does not accept free wines from anyone I know he is speaking only the truth; as well, I know that he is often approached in this regard.

So, and with no more ado, I strongly recommend and introduce Best wines under $20.com for your pleasure.