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The Schroth Method deals with scoliosis, with physical treatments that use the breath to  change the shape of the rib cage, and use stretching and strengthening exercises to help the spine and hips achieve a more efficient alignment. The images on their home page alone are an eloquent testimony to its efficacy. There are literally hundreds more of similar images in the book itself, which I was introduced to by a friend and colleague, Malcolm Boulter.

I wish to study this method, and I have written to the headquarters in Germany a few times. I received up-to-date email addresses from the publisher of the Schroth Method book, and the head instructor replied to me this morning.

The possible sticking point is that the Schroth method is only practised by “PTs” (Physical Therapists; here in Australia, the term for the same profession is physiotherapists). Further, the headquarters will only accept students who are physicians or PTs. I have asked the head instructor if he would consider waiving the entry requirements in my case. We shall see.

I have read the book cover to cover; it is extremely dense (the present edition is written by the daughter of the woman who originated the method). The head instructor told me that the present edition is 16 years or so out of date, and that all the developments of the last 16 years will be incorporated into the 8th edition. The photographs and illustrations alone make the current edition worth buying, though, in my view—even if recent developments are missing, the photographs show actual patients who have benefitted immensely from the method as described.

I hope the headquarters does relax their entry requirements which were described thus: “The problem for to attend this course is the professional precondition. The course is just for physical therapists and physicians.” We shall see.