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This will be a quick one today: I am travelling back to Australia via Los Angeles today. Thanks to Olivia I now have a current ESTA Visa waiver in addition to my US O1 work visa. I am hopeful that I will pass through Los Angeles in transit to my final destination with grace and ease. Watch this space!

There is another curious phenomenon, one that I am about to experience; I leave Vancouver on Wednesday and arrive in Australia on Friday local time even though the journey itself is only one day long. For me the most persuasive theory on what jetlag exactly is was offered by my friend Robert Bruce who wrote the extraordinary book Astral Dynamics, among others. He says from his own direct experience of spending thousands of hours travelling astrally that the human soul’s maximum speed is only about 250 miles an hour—accordingly, the detached dopey hazy experience that we call jetlag is simply your soul taking its time to catch up your physical body.

Now I have no understanding of these things, but that is a beautiful and poetic description of what jetlag feels like to me. And although we are told that ‘West is best’, for me returning home always produces the strong physical and mental effects that we label jetlag. I have tried every suggestion I have been able to find to reduce the effects of this including one long alcohol-free trip which was thorough hell and none of these things has any effect on the phenomenon.

So, with ESTA Visa waiver in hand, I am hopeful that my passage through Los Angeles will be a lovely one, and I am posting this in advance of my arrival in Australia because I doubt that I’m going to write anything once I get home, for a day or two at least.

Finally please keep your eye on my YouTube channel. I have come back with a wealth of material that I’m going to cut into at least two new clips and I would be very excited to hear you about what you think of these. And as I said in a recent email-out to our member list, if any of you want to see me make a video on any other subject, I’m happy to consider it. Off to pack now.