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This is the final workshop, and in fact the final series of classes, that will be done in our present facility. After June 10, the only activity the facility will be used is for our end of lease party—can’t wait for that.

I just wish to make a few notes about day one of the Monkey Gym workshop. The attendees’ introductions were the most pleasing and most interesting that I have ever heard, and saying this covers many hundreds of workshops both here and overseas. Also I must say it left a number of we Monkey Gym originals feeling really optimistic about what the future might hold. By this I mean that when people were talking about how they work in the fitness/Pilates/body work industries it sounded like a completely different people to the groups that we have worked with in past years. Almost without exception their prime focus was in educating other people; they spoke about bringing awareness and mindfulness to their work; and they were all interested in pursuing less hours of work per week but with greater effectiveness in their chosen fields.

I will talk more about this in future posts but I am very pressed for time today as I’m in the middle of dubbing the footage that we shot from a coulple of the sessions yesterday. The first session was presented by Craig Mallet who is also a MovNat instructor in addition to being one of our advanced group. Craig presented a mobility sequence that lasted for about 30 minutes and was all done in the full squat position—I guarantee that there will be some aching hips and knees and ankles this morning!

The move to including more mobility explicitly in our work is a few years old now. And we realise that the distinction between the stretching and strengthening side of our work is it is one made purely to teaching convenience. For example, there’s plenty of strengthening work in the old P&F classes (just think of the standing and balance poses) and there’s plenty of stretching working strengthening classes too, because without having loose hip flexors you can’t activate glutes. And Olivia has been stretching a dynamic forms module in our courses for years; there is simply a greater interest in refining and cultivating movement of these days and we’re very fortunate to be poised to contribute to this.

So please regard this note simply as a tease and I will flesh it out in days to come.