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Just a short note because I only just woken up and I need to leave the house in half an hour or so, day two of this wonderful workshop was also brilliant.

Simon Thakur ran the morning mobility session—it went a bit over time but was loved by everyone who did it. Simon has long been interested in what he calls movement cultivation (and on a side note, the term “physical cultivation” has been with us since the ancient Greeks), and he has been researching and practising in this area for many years now. He has been working with us in the advanced group at the monkey gym for about a year now and if you get a chance to do workshop with him or with Craig Mallett I recommend both strongly.

Anthony Linard, one of the MG long-term teachers ran an intro. to kettlebells session. I said this publicly yesterday, that even though I have worked with the world’s best KB practitioners, Anthony gave the best explanation and practical drills to learn this fundamental skill I have ever seen. A brilliant, concise session, it was a model of presentation skills.

Dave Wardman, fellow blogger, taught an excellent module (horizontal pushing) and in the afternoon, John Travers (who has made the greatest personal transformation over the last three years or so I have ever personally seen) ran the horizontal pushing and pulling module; using the floor and the rings this session too was excellent. I make a side note here that John and his partner Penny will also be running classes in O’Connor following the MG closure; check our website for details.

And Merryn Brown ran a wonderful circuit to finish; there are going to be some sort legs in the room this morning I suspect. One of the difficulties of doing all this physical work each day (even when carefully spread over four days) the body, even if used to doing quite a bit of exercise and movement, gets physically tired. I will be interested to see how people pull up today—with Olivia’s and my sessions today the volume of work in the intensity I will actually be the largest so far, as she is doing handstands and I am doing vertical pulling.

More tomorrow; the atmosphere on this workshop is wonderful and very nurturing—and I feel blessed to be working among so many gifted fellow presenters.