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Last night Olivia ran a circuit in the MG; and this was after the most difficult modules of the workshop so far: vertical pulling and handstands… There were 35  people in the MG (the workshop attendees who felt they could do more, and the usual Sunday evening crowd); the atmosphere was electric.

We used all the rings, all three chinning bars, and a few of us (led by John T, naturally) used the girder… Many chin-up later, we moved next door for—more handstands!

I seem to recall that there were horizontal pushing exercises in there somewhere, but it’s hazy: the chins and the HSs dominate the sensations in the body today!

Anyhow, only a very quick note today as I have certificates to sign and have to go in the Uni to teach the first session for the last day. I will check in with you all again tomorrow.