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It seems I got my days mixed up in the previous post. We presented the last day yesterday and I must admit I’m a bit sore and a bit low in energy today.

I have spent all day transcoding the excellent footage from the four days of the workshop. With the Monkey Gym footage that we shot in Sydney I think we’ve got a really good product on our hands. I will spend some time reviewing it all over the next week and then make a decision about which one to work on. I want to say a public thank you to Paul Janssens for his excellent camera work on many of the sessions over these four days.

As well, I have decided to shoot a recap. of Craig’s excellent session (and I will let him teach for longer this time); I am not sure where we will do this, but it will be an excellent addition to the other mobility sequences.

And I want to reaffirm my commitment to making a copy of the MG product available to all the workshop attendees gratis, once it is finished. I think it’s likely that I will have to make the new product Stretching Mindfully my priority but it’s possible that I may be able to work on both of them in parallel.

We have had extraordinary feedback from the attendees as well since the workshop finished, and I want to thank all of my co-presenters who without exception did an outstanding job. It confirmed my deep believes that no one can do everything and it is so much better to surround yourself with the most talented people you can find.

Thank you everyone, and a special thank you to Olivia for both organising and presenting; so much goes on behind the scenes that no one sees, and I am very grateful for her efforts in this regard.