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I am still digesting all the comments and well wishes from this event.

Update: Paul has recorded this, so rather than transcribing (and editing!) what I spoke about, I have appended the YT clip that I made last night.

Many others spoke—Olivia first (a shock to everyone who know her; she is terrified of public speaking!); Gary Williamson, Greg, my brother, and Bill Giles (we all lived together for a few formative years, early years at the ANU); Pierre Le Count; Markus; Anthony Linard (“Feel the difference?”), Sue Read (my old Olympic lifting training partner); David Heap; Penny and John Travers; my dear friend Louise, teacher and wardrobe failure repairer… so many and all were eloquent. No one slipped out while this was happening, which is the first time I have seen this!

I intend to update this post over time, so will get back to you.

These are my closing words, unedited.

The two thinkers I mentioned are Alfred Korzybski and Anthony Wilden; both have been immensely influential to me. I wrongly attributed General Semantic Theory to Wilden; the latter is the author of System and Structure. The first work of Korzybski’s that I read is Science and Sanity; I feel there is a deep need for a re-examination of both of these great thinkers in today’s world.