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This saying is a classic of the 60s; and is usually attributed to Charles Dederich (he started Synanon); you can look him up. The 60s were an incredibly fertile and creative period in the West, and its influence reached everyone in my generation; and we were exposed to these ideas in our teenage years in particular. In addition to people like Ram Das and Dr Timothy Leary, Herman Hesse (of Siddhartha fame) were talked about by kids at school, and I remember  this book in particular having a profound effect on me, in terms of what might be.

I feel no different today. I sit here, in my bed, fully around coffee #2, writing via an amazing piece of technology, the might MBA, today typing because my fingers are flying, but usually dictating… How lucky we all are!

How about, “This next breath is the first breath of the rest of your life”? That’s how I feel: grateful for the simple experience of being alive. Wow.

Sounds hippy, don’t it? That’s what openness, gratitude, excitement, and “what’s next?” feels like. These are not thought forms, except when flying off the fingers. In the body, in the heart, there’s just a smile, waiting to break out!

That’s all for today; any more words, in particular, will be supererogatory (as an aside, I first heard this word from a famous logician, who had written on the bottom of a paper he was circulating: “comments are supererogatory”.

The following is something that Dave, I and the adv. MG group find ourselves saying often (it’s clickable):


The gift (that keeps on giving!)

The gift (that keeps on giving!)

Saw this at the church hall we are renting for classes PANU (“Post ANU”). Perfect.