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This time I have re-posted a Forum entry here, as I happened to be writing there when these thoughts emerged:


A few further thoughts on this, for discussion by as many here as possible.

One idea that I am inclining towards is to make the Stretching Mindfully three day workshop mandatory for anyone who wants to get involved in the system, in any capacity. The idea here is during these three days, the individual can decide whether he or she will pursue the Teacher stream or the Therapist stream. And in the process, all attendees can learn a huge amount about their own body, no matter what their interests.

And as I am sure you can imagine, we would need to do exactly the same exercises, or many of the same exercises, in both streams anyway (hip flexors, anyone?). And the three day workshop is perfectly suitable for individuals who simply want to give themselves a full body holiday.

Following the initial Stretching Mindfully workshop, a person who wants to become a Stretch Teacher would do another three day workshop where the emphasis in on how to teach group classes. So, in brief, a three-day Stretching Mindfully workshop first, and then teachers-to be will do an additional three days tailored to the needs of teaching/programming/class construction and the related matters.

And someone who wants to be a Stretch Therapist would begin with the Stretching Mindfully three day workshop, and then would do the existing five- or six-day Stretch Therapist existing workshop (so nine days training in all). The fact is that there is just so much material that it is simply not possible to do justice to it in a shorter period of time, and most recent attendees of the Therapist stream have commented that they wished this could be longer.

Responses please.