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Infinite Happiness

Infinite Happiness

And only $5 per month, assuming a $60 plan—who would have thought? is this a bargain, or what?

Let’s unpack this a bit: looking at the details, we see that ‘infinite happiness’, at $5/month, requires a $60 plan—what does the other $55 get you?

consumer craving?

intermittent unhappiness?

finite happiness?

occasional misery?

Anyhow, that’s all for today, apart from a little technical note. This morning, I realised that one of my spare Solid State Drives (SSDs) could hold my entire iTunes library (all ripped at full resolution, or 44.1KHz) with 50GB left over. And what’s more, by plugging this SSD into my Airport Extreme, it’s now available to the network, meaning that AirPlay speakers and the like can be moved anywhere for whatever music we feel like listening to. Either of us can listen to music via headphones (ex the MBAs or the MBP), or their built-in speakers. An Apple TV is on the way; it, too, will sit in the network.

SWMBO has been watching ‘catch-up TV’, which has brought us closer to our 60GB/month download plan limit; I don’t watch TV myself, but this is the future, now. And THIS is an interesting spin on how companies are getting past the current technical capacity to skip past ads, when using a record–time delay system like Dish.

Personally, I dislike ads intensely—so I buy the DVDs of programs (like my present fave, Numbe3rs) and watch an ep. or two when I want, 100% ad free.