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Meet Mot:

World-chmpion weeder

World-chmpion weeder, with a few of the estimated 500+ weeds we pulled

Mot (so-called because ‘Mot’ is the first three letters of “Mother”, and because of an ad campaign from my childhood—for Motta Gelati). The campaign’s slogan?


Thus lifelong names are born.

Today, we found ourselves down at the Greenwell Point block, to take reference photos of a recent confluence of events: the Shoalhaven River flooded and breached its banks, and a ‘King tide’—the resulting inundation was the most water the area had seen in memory.

Yesterday, I asked my neighbour Gary to use his super-hightech laser level (he uses this tool for building golf courses around Australia and South-East Asia) to check two levels: the Council’s required floor height of the proposed dwelling AHD, and to see the debris line on the mound left by the combination of these two events (all the home sites in this region have mounds to lift the floors of buildings above expected flood heights). A comparison of the two lines (sprayed on the mound with fluorescent paint) shows that even in these extreme events, the proposed floor height is at least a metre higher than the debris line. All good.

And Mot spotted hundreds of the dread fireweed; luckily due to the same weather event that lead to the flood, they were easy to pull out. We filled two Woolies shopping bags, and then started to fill the boot of the Forester…