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We now have over two thousand subscribers on YT.  The kneeling side bend, taught by Olivia, is the 90th clip we have put up on YouTube. It is just over six minutes, and is presented in ‘follow along’ format (that is, in contrast to the exercises shown on the two books’ DVD Updates, both sides of the body are presented, and there is an instructional audio track and sometimes on-screen cues as well).

Regarding the pay-per-download I mentioned in the last post—I would love your comments on proposed pricing. The two first downloads I am working on presently are a whole-body mobility sequence (head to toes), presented by Olivia, and shot live on two cameras during the recent Melbourne workshop, and it runs for almost half an hour (27:42, to be precise!).

The second is the ‘rolling around on the floor class‘ (really, it is one possible version of the Unnumbered lesson, from the book Stretching & Flexibility). This lesson, sitting in the middle of the book, is different to all the others: it requires no equipment nor a partner, and it is what modern body workers/movement teachers call “mobility”.

We call it “rolling around on the floor”: it is designed to let you know what needs further loosening; it provides a measure of how your current and recent past work is affecting the body, and it is the exemplar of our maxim that all exercises are both diagnosis and treatment. It is over an hour long (I will update the exact duration once it is cut). Each unnumbered lesson is different; and there are an infinite number of them.

  • 15–30 minute classes or instructional videos: 99¢
  • programs or follow-along classes up to an hour run time: $1.99 (USD)

On our side are the production costs (recording the raw footage; converting and editing this, and uploading to our host site, the cost of setting up the on-line shop for these products, and the on-going bandwidth cost of both upload and downloads, and we hope that there are many of these! And it may be that these proposed prices are unrealistic, in the sense that we do not know all the costs yet (and the proposed prices might end up costing me!). Nonetheless, we are in new and interesting territory here, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Comments gratefully received; please  comment here (I removed the contact form I had here, because Nate’s comment came directly to me, and I would prefer if comments were public.