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Why mice don't sleep well at night

Why mice don’t sleep well at night

It’s not sharp (I find phones difficult to use as cameras, after years of shooting with the real thing) but the image does get the idea across. This tiny athlete used to have a vertical jump over my head height from a standing start from the floor—now imagine yourself as a mouse in a corner, and no hole.

And this next, also a phone image, from a pub in Melbourne, opposite Graeme’s place, made me laugh for reasons not yet clear:

Perfect ad copy

Perfect ad copy

I am troubled by at least one of these, as it happens!

I have just finished editing Olivia’s Melbourne class (about 45 minutes, from memory) and my own mobility class (about 1:15); compressing these took many hours, but they are done now. I will select some excerpts for YouTube, and in the background we are setting up the “back end”, as the techs like to describe it (all the paraphernalia for downloads).

Assuming you buy the initial 99¢ programs (or 1.99¢), what device are you most likely to  watch the program on (it needs to be something that you can watch while you follow along, in the lounge room, for example)?