I do love technology, when it works. Right now, I am sitting over the front axle of a Murray’s bus; I think one of the tyres must be out of round because I am literally being bounced up and down at about 3–4Hz; extremely hard to type, as a result. Nonetheless, the show must go on!

What follows is a brief post on the Forums, with further thoughts:

Some recent thought and discussion between DW, OP and myself has suggested a different title for the new “bookio” or ‘vbook’:

Stretching with awareness

I feel that with the massive upsurge in interest in mindfulness meditation, and everyone and their dog, it seems, attaching ‘mindful’ or ‘mindfully’ to whatever they are selling, it will be better to avoid the term altogether.

I do understand the Posture & Flexibility* aspect/dimension (*the Forums, from where this s reposted, is where all the old P&F teachers and students hang out), and its history, but you all know what it is, and all the ANU people were brought up in it. It is a very different proposition, though, to try to explain to people who do not know it what it’s all about. This is what led to Stretch Therapy in the first place: I stood on a street corner in Melbourne and asked some passers-by, ‘If I said I was a Stretch Therapist, what would that mean to you?” and all the replies were sensible, for the most part.

And (I can’t remember who is was) mentioned in passing that the ‘therapy’ part of the ST name also means it’s therapeutic—and that’s wholly positive.

Let’s keep talking on this; it is important to get the name right and I need all the help I can get.