In the otherwise wonderful serviced apartments Miss O (and Cherie) and I stayed in in Waterloo in Sydney this last few days, there was this amazing fixture:

Dali's kettle, image I

Dali’s kettle, image I

How can anyone actually choose, and fit an apartment, with a kettle with a cord that’s about 400mm long—and clearly just a bit too short for the job. If that kettle were full, quite a load would be placed on the plug.

Overall, the kitchen looked like it had been designed by someone who had seen a picture of one, or read about one somewhere, but who had never actually used one; the kettle was just one example. The sinks and counter top were so low that Miss O, no giraffe, had to bend over just to use them. Counter heights and cord lengths are nor ‘rocket science’, are they?

Here’s my solution, but the result is that the handle is now only millimetres below the base of the cupboards—and all this is in an apartment with really high and lovely ceilings!

Dali's kettle, on food storage box

Dali’s kettle, on food storage box

Interesting, no?