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I have written about coffee before (a near disaster at the Govinda Valley retreat; not without its amusing aspects, can be read HERE.)

Before I jump in the car to head off to Sydney for part two of the Stretch Teacher workshop, I read a brilliant article on coffee, published in the Atlantic. I will link to it in a moment, but before I do, consider how this beverage impacts on your life: do you have a coffee before you work out? If you are fasting intermittently, then do: coffee on an empty stomach releases the catecholamines; very helpful in mobilising leptin. I have written on this too; go to the Articles section of my site; and there you will find Do you want to diet? Don’t!

The Atlantic article is a decent read, and perfect for a Saturday morning. I am about to make coffee #2, ‘my favourite‘ (any Fifth Element fans in the audience?).