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Stretch Therapy 
How to attain grace and ease in the body

Many people have commented; thank you so much for that. Liv, Dave, Cherie, and I have been looking at all the submissions, and the commentary this has created.

The suggested title, above, combines elements of all the postings, and (happily, if you all like it) we can keep the Stretch Therapy™ ‘umbrella’. I would like that, and the Italian crew have just released their two-DVD set with the same name. If we go with this choice, then the intro. workshop will be called:

Intro. to Stretch: this is the three day workshop that all people interested in the work, with whatever end goal, will do. For example, anyone who wants a “body holiday” (as one recent attendee called it) will attend this workshop, as will any potential Stretch Teacher or Stretch Practitioner. As well, these names allow the two acronyms ST and SP; a big improvement for us in trying to market these.

Further thoughts: The ‘therapy’ part of the name and the perceived negatives (that one has to have a problem before needing ‘therapy” can be changed by u promoting the therapeutic nature of stretching: that it can be an optimising force as well as a rehabilitating one. Your thoughts on this aspect too, please.

Don’t take any notice of the formatting or the layout of the name; I will ask a friend (Jon McD) to weave his magic typographic wand over the final version, so that it conveys what we want. In the way it’s written above, the word “Stretch” is not prominent; I want this to be what everyone ‘sees’ when they first look.

What do you think?