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I had to look this one up: there is a scene in Princess Bride where the already-dead Wesley describes what he’s about to do to the dastardly prince.

The prince challenges Wesley to a sword duel, with the standard opening challenge: “To the death!”. Wesley responds, “No: to the pain!”, and outlines his plans.

See the scene HERE.

And what does this have to do with today’s post subject line? Our host in Italy, Cristina Ferri (Studio38) has suggested that instead of “Intro. to Stretch” as the name for the introductory three-day workshop we are proposing as the entry point for someone interested in any of the streams of the work, it be renamed to Into the stretch.

Further, she has suggested the tagline:

Into the Stretch: a deep body and mind experience

Olivia’s take: Into the Stretch: a deep body experience

When I write the full description of the contents, a major theme will be ‘learn to feel your body again’, as so many have commented on this aspect recently.

What’s the relationship with Wesley’s statement? I’m not sure, but in the spirit of rendering stream of consciousness, on day two of The Darkness*, I post here.

I like the new name; comments please.

*The Darkness: that time in Australia’s history when an opposition leader was able to dupe the majority of the populace with an entirely negative campaign, rendered in a policy vacuum (where their policies were hidden until the last moment and—when revealed—were the sitting government’s own policies, apart from the desire to get rid of the ‘carbon tax’, which was not a tax, either).