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To begin, my sincere thanks to Linda (my wonderful Vancouver host), Matt (‘Mash’) Farrell (for helping LW and I on the workshops, and modelling for some videos) and Jen and Laura, owners of the wonderful Driftwood Dance Academy, where I presented the latest workshop and made the video I want to talk about today.

Have a look at Driftwood Dance Academy HERE.

Now to the new video: Jim Pickles has posted a new thread over at the Forums; I will link to it at the end of this post, and I hope to develop this theme further.

Check the latest video out:

I have not played with this hip flexor variation for some time; in doing it a few times during the just-finished Stretch Teacher workshop, I feel I have underestimated its importance: I now feel it is one of the strongest front-line (in the Anatomy Trains sense) fascial stretches on the planet.

It is infinitely scalable, too, as well as having the capacity for the practitioner to be able to move the locus of the stretch anywhere from just above the knee (like our floor quad stretch) all the way to the diaphragm (once you get deep enough into it). It is particularly effective as a mid-quadriceps stretch, too.

The Forums thread, started by JimP can be found HERE.

Comments most welcome, here or over at the Forums.