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Hello all; I am currently teaching in Studio Lotus, Atlanta, and today is the first off—the Into the Stretch experiential three-day has just finished.

So I have had time to edit and title an interview I shot in Robin Truxel’s lovely Tru Pilates studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. Miss O and I were presenting the new-format Stretch Teacher workshop: the first three days is Into the Stretch; the second three days is the Stretch Teacher part (how to teach what you have just learned).

There were two standout aspects of this six days, for me: one was being so ably assisted by Olivia, and the other was the presence of four of the Gymnastic Bodies graduates, the first is Paul (the interviewee) and the second is Yuri, the handbalancer (and who I learned the band shoulder mobility sequence, one of our YT videos), the third is Mike, and the fourth is Dymion (I am not sure of the spelling of his Russian first name). At every break, everyone was upside down, practising their handstands; this was fun for the participants and the presenters alike.

So, here is the Paul interview:

It’s hard to see just how big Paul is, because he is so beautifully proportioned—but big he is, and a lovely person, too. I am so pleased that our work is getting out to a larger audience as well.

A technical note: this was shot on the new Panasonic GX7; I am so happy with the stills and video output I have bought a second unit. The quality of the video using the mp4 720p/30 option is excellent (and the files sizes are much more manageable than the 1080p/30 options). I recorded the sound on a Sony PCM-10, using the built-in mics; and edited/titled in Final Cut Pro 7. I will be writing more about this setup in posts to com.