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Hello everybody,

I want to draw your attention today to an article on my friend Kim’s site which not only is brilliantly written (and in my experience and from my research is 100% accurate), it is also a terrible indictment of the modern medical machine. The article points to the tremendously powerful control that the pharmaceutical industry has over the funding and the propagation of research, and how research that does not fit its preconceived perspectives is actively held back or squashed completely. Read the article here:


I would like to supplement this with a chapter from the book Stretching & Pregnancy that I wrote some time ago. The central message of this chapter is that if one wants to eat well, then one needs to stick to the outer aisles of most conventional supermarkets. Avoid the central corridors or what I call ‘the Badlands‘ as often as you can. One might venture there for, say, toilet paper or soap, but definitely nor for food.

The central aisles contain manufactured food. Any processed food has had its fats hydrogenated at the least; hydrogenation is an essential part the manufacturing processes to avoid spoilage. The problem is that trans- and cis-fats are the inevitable byproduct and you want to minimise their ingestion. The truly excellent book by Udo Erasmus with the title Fats that heal; fats that kill is extremely instructive on manufacturing processes (his PhD was on food chemistry).

Sticking to the outer aisles of a supermarket means that your diet will consist of vegetables, some fruit, meat, poultry, dairy, and fish: real food in other words. Notice that all these substances are actually visually recognisable as “food”. The link below yields a PDF of this chapter; although written some time ago, is still completely relevant.


Enjoy and don’t forget that movement is as essential to the body daily as food and drink.