I am guessing most of you hitting this page already know who I am, but if you don’t, the main things that might be useful to know I have dot-pointed below:

  • I wrote Overcome neck & back pain; I published the first edition under the BodyPress colophon, after Simon & Schuster (Australia) did not respond to a manuscript submission. A year to the day later, after the first edition had sold over 5,000 copies, I called the managing director of Simon & Schuster (Australia) to ask him if he could help with distribution overseas. S&S (Aus) published the second edition. They then sold it to Simon & Schuster, New York, who published the third edition. It has a bunch of accompanying DVDs and CDs, and its own DVD Update, that has the latest and greatest versions of all the requisite exercises.
  • During the financial crisis, I was able to retail the copyright of all of my books; accordingly, ONBP is now in its fourth edition, S&F (below) in its second, and Stretching and Pregnancy has been re-released, too. We only use Print on Demand technology these days; revisions and new material is a simple matter now.
  • In addition, I am the author of Stretching & Flexibility (also published by S&S); it has a 3.25 hour DVD of its own as well as a DVD  Update to keep it current.
  • Workshops on this and related material are taught all around the world; I am in Canberra currently, but am about to head to Vancouver.
  • See my site for full details.
  • Commercial photography has occupied some of my time for 30+ years. All my work is part time—this is how work should be, I feel.
Deep, abiding interests include helping to heal the great divide in Western thinking and practise; I refer of course to Descartes’ Error (made famous in an excellent book by Antonio Damasio). Presently I am working on myself in this regard!

I hope you enjoy this attempt to include you in what I am thinking about, and if we can get the technology working, I intend to vlog (video-blog) here, too, from time to time.

Cheers to all, KL

4 thoughts on “Kit_L?”

  1. Hi Kit,
    I was musing about friends from the past so I typed your name into a google search. Up came the crocodile youtube video (from Vancouver?) I thought I recognised your voice and then I realised it was you when I saw your face. How we have grown…
    I am back in Sydney with wife and 2 kids after 20 years in New York. It must be at least 25 years since we last spoke. I seem to remember it was at Balmoral, you had rock climbing chalk on your hands and a retinue of young japanese women.
    It would be good to talk and trade experiences over half a lifetime. MBE

  2. Lori Restivo said:

    Hi kit, I am interested in getting into the stretch therapy field. I am changing my profession from a hairdresser. What prerequisites should I get for this career? Thanks, LR

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